At Speedzone, we understand that your motorcycle is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a symbol of freedom and a source of pride. That’s why we are dedicated to providing top-tier servicing and modifications to keep your ride in peak condition. Whether you’re gearing up for the daily commute or preparing for a cross-country adventure, Speedzone ensures your bike performs at its best.

Expert Services for Every Need: From routine maintenance to advanced modifications, our skilled technicians at Speedzone are equipped to handle all aspects of motorcycle care. Our comprehensive service menu includes:

Motorbike Servicing Types

  • Preventive Maintenance: Keep your ride smooth with regular oil changes, brake adjustments, and more.
  • Repair Services: Experienced in diagnostics and repairs, we address issues with precision, whether it’s a gearbox repair or electrical fixes.
  • Performance Upgrades: Enhance your bike’s performance with ECU remapping, exhaust upgrades, and more for optimized power and efficiency.
  • Custom Modifications: Transform your bike with custom paint jobs, chrome polishing, and bespoke modifications that reflect your unique style.
  • Restoration Services: Revive the glory of your motorcycle with our detailed paint restoration and detailing services, making it look and feel new again.

Commitment to Quality

At Speedzone, quality is our priority. We use only the best tools and parts to ensure every job meets our high standards. Our team stays updated with the latest techniques and innovations in motorcycle servicing to deliver unparalleled results.

Motorcycle ServicingAreaType of ServiceDescriptionPrice
Underbody CoatingAesthetics and FinishModificationApplication of protective coating to the underbody to resist rust and damage.$1803 hours
Protective Coating ApplicationAesthetics and FinishModificationApplication of protective coatings to prevent rust and corrosion.$1202 hour
Mirror ReplacementAesthetics and FinishModificationReplacement of mirrors for upgraded visibility or aesthetic reasons.$2020 mins
Corrosion ProtectionAesthetics and FinishModificationApplication of anti-corrosion treatments to protect the bike’s body.$1803 hours
Chrome PolishingAesthetics and FinishModificationPolishing chrome parts to restore shine and prevent rust.VariesVaries
Air Filter ReplacementAir Intake SystemServicingReplacement of the air filter to ensure optimal engine performance.$3030 mins
Paint RestorationBody and FairingsModificationRestores the motorcycle’s paintwork to address chips, scratches, and fading, enhancing the appearance and protecting the body and fairings.VariesVaries
DetailingBody and FairingsModificationComprehensive cleaning, waxing, and polishing of the entire motorcycle.$403 hours
Custom Paint JobBody and FairingsModificationCustom painting and design services for personalization of the bike.VariesVaries
Carbon Fiber Parts InstallationBody and FairingsModificationInstallation of carbon fiber parts for weight reduction and improved aesthetics.VariesVaries
Windshield ReplacementBody and FairingsRepairReplacement of the windshield for clear visibility and safety.$3030 mins
Brake Pad ReplacementBraking SystemRepairReplacement of worn brake pads to restore braking efficiency.$4040 mins
Brake Line ReplacementBraking SystemRepairReplacement of brake lines to ensure reliable braking performance.$301 hour
Traction Control System CheckBraking SystemServicingDiagnostic check of the traction control system for proper function.$7545 mins
Brake Fluid ReplacementBraking SystemServicingChanging of brake fluid to maintain brake system performance.$601 hour
Brake AdjustmentBraking SystemServicingAdjustment and alignment of brake pads and checking fluid levels.$3030 mins
ABS System CheckBraking SystemServicingDiagnostic check of the Anti-lock Braking System for proper function.$6045 mins
Skid Plate InstallationChassisModificationInstallation of a skid plate to protect the undercarriage from impact and debris.$601 hour
Lightweight Component ReplacementChassisModificationReplacement of standard components with lightweight alternatives for enhanced performance.VariesVaries
Mud Guard InstallationChassisModificationInstallation of mud guards to protect against brush and small debris while riding.$3030 mins
Frame Check and AlignmentChassisRepairInspection and alignment of the motorcycle frame for structural integrity.$1202 hours
Chassis CleaningChassisServicingDeep cleaning of the motorcycle’s chassis to maintain appearance and functionality.$502 hours
Seat ReplacementComfort and ErgonomicsModificationReplacement of the seat for comfort or custom aesthetics.$601 hour
Rain Riding PreparationComfort and ErgonomicsModificationPreparation of the motorcycle for wet conditions with water-resistant modifications and tires.$1803 hours
Heat Riding PreparationComfort and ErgonomicsModificationPreparation of the motorcycle for riding in hot conditions with cooling system enhancements.$1803 hours
Handlebar ReplacementComfort and ErgonomicsModificationReplacement of handlebars for aesthetic or ergonomic improvements.$901.5 hours
Cold Riding PreparationComfort and ErgonomicsModificationPreparation of the motorcycle for cold conditions with heated grips and battery protection.$1803 hours
Track Day PreparationControl SystemsModificationPreparation of the motorcycle for track use including safety checks and performance tuning.$1803 hours
Stunt Peg InstallationControl SystemsModificationInstallation of stunt pegs for performing tricks and stunts safely.$601 hour
Riding Mode AdjustmentControl SystemsModificationAdjustment of electronic riding modes for various riding conditions and preferences.$901.5 hours
Rally PreparationControl SystemsModificationPreparation of the motorcycle for rally racing, including terrain-specific modifications.$3005 hours
Lean Angle Sensor CalibrationControl SystemsModificationCalibration of lean angle sensors for accurate performance feedback.$1202 hour
Indicator SyncingControl SystemsModificationSynchronization of indicator lights for improved signaling accuracy.$3030 mins
Hand Guard InstallationControl SystemsModificationInstallation of hand guards to protect hands and controls from debris and impacts.$601 hour
Grips ReplacementControl SystemsModificationReplacement of old or worn grips for better handle control and comfort.$3030 mins
Adventure Touring PreparationControl SystemsModificationPreparation of the motorcycle for long-distance adventure touring.$3005 hours
Throttle SyncControl SystemsServicingSynchronization of throttle bodies for smoother engine operation.$601 hour
Handlebar AdjustmentControl SystemsServicingAdjustment of handlebars for improved handling and comfort.$2020 mins
Oil Cooler InstallationCooling SystemModificationInstallation of an oil cooler to improve engine cooling efficiency.$1201 hour
Engine Ice ApplicationCooling SystemModificationApplication of engine ice to reduce engine temperature during extreme heat.$5030 mins
Cooling System UpgradeCooling SystemModificationUpgrade of the cooling system to enhance performance in high temperature conditions.$2002 hours
Radiator Flush and FillCooling SystemServicingComplete flush and refill of the radiator system to prevent overheating.$701 hour
Coolant Flush and ReplacementCooling SystemServicingComplete replacement of the cooling fluid to prevent overheating.$601 hour
Waterproofing Electrical ComponentsElectrical SystemModificationWaterproofing critical electrical components for durability.$1201 hour
USB Charger InstallationElectrical SystemModificationInstallation of a USB charger for charging mobile devices on the go.$601 hour
Insulated Wiring InstallationElectrical SystemModificationInstallation of insulated wiring to protect against electrical failures in extreme temperatures.$1501.5 hours
ECU RemappingElectrical SystemModificationModification of the engine’s electronic control unit for better performance.$3002 hours
Audio System UpgradeElectrical SystemModificationUpgrade or installation of a new audio system for enhanced sound.$1501 hour
Wiring Harness RepairElectrical SystemRepairRepair or replacement of the wiring harness to ensure electrical integrity.$601 hour
Ignition Coil ReplacementElectrical SystemRepairReplacement of ignition coils to ensure efficient engine firing.$1202 hour
Electrical RepairsElectrical SystemRepairDiagnosis and repair of electrical issues, including battery and lighting.$601 hour
Legal Compliance CheckElectrical SystemServicingInspection to ensure the motorcycle meets all legal requirements.$601 hour
Ignition System CheckElectrical SystemServicingCheck of the ignition system for proper starting and operation.$601 hour
Battery ReplacementElectrical SystemServicingRemoval of old battery and installation of a new one.$6030 mins
Vibration ReductionEngineModificationModifications to reduce vibration for improved comfort and durability.$601 hour
Performance TuningEngineModificationECU remapping and adjustments for enhanced engine performance.$601 hour
Oxygen OptimizationEngineModificationOptimization of oxygen sensors and fuel mixture for high altitude conditions.$601 hour
Noise Reduction ModificationsEngineModificationModifications to reduce noise levels for compliance or preference.$1001 hour
Engine Guard InstallationEngineModificationInstallation of an engine guard to protect against impacts and debris.$1501.5 hours
Engine DegreasingEngineModificationDegreasing the engine to remove build-up and maintain performance.$601 hour
Piston ReplacementEngineRepairReplacement of pistons to restore engine compression and performance.$1803 hours
Engine OverhaulEngineRepairComplete engine rebuild, including replacement of major components.$15008 hours
Cylinder ReboringEngineRepairReboring the cylinder to increase engine displacement and power.$1803 hours
Crankshaft RepairEngineRepairRepair or replacement of the crankshaft to fix engine imbalances.$3005 hours
Camshaft ReplacementEngineRepairReplacement of the camshaft to address engine timing and performance.$1202 hours
Valve AdjustmentEngineServicingChecking and adjusting valve clearance for optimal engine performance.$901.5 hours
Full ServiceEngineServicingOil change, air and fuel filter replacement, brake check, and spark plug replacement.$150 2 hours
Basic ServiceEngineServicingOil change, air filter cleaning, and general inspections.$2020 mins
Titanium Exhaust InstallationExhaust SystemModificationInstallation of a titanium exhaust for better performance and reduced weight.$3005 hours
Exhaust Wrap ApplicationExhaust SystemModificationApplication of an insulating wrap to the exhaust system to reduce heat.$901.5 hours
Exhaust System RepairExhaust SystemRepairRepair or replacement of damaged parts of the exhaust system.$1201.5 hours
Exhaust System CheckExhaust SystemServicingInspection and cleaning of the exhaust system components.$2020 mins
Fuel System CleaningFuel SystemServicingCleaning of the fuel system to remove deposits and ensure flow.$601 hour
Fuel Filter ReplacementFuel SystemServicingReplacement of the fuel filter to ensure clean fuel supply to the engine.$601 hour
Carburetor CleaningFuel SystemServicingThorough cleaning and adjustment for optimal performance.$901.5 hours
Differential RepairHydraulics SystemRepairRepair of the differential component for smooth and stable handling.$1803 hours
Speedometer RepairInstrumentationRepairRepair of the speedometer to ensure accurate speed readings.$1202 hours
Odometer CalibrationInstrumentationServicingCalibration of the odometer to ensure accurate mileage reporting.$5030 mins
Tail Light ModificationLighting SystemModificationModification of tail lights for custom appearance or functionality.$701 hour
LED Light InstallationLighting SystemModificationInstallation of LED lights for improved visibility and aesthetics.$5050 mins
LED Headlight UpgradeLighting SystemModificationUpgrade to LED headlights for better visibility and reduced energy consumption.$4040 mins
Headlight AdjustmentLighting SystemServicingAdjustment of the headlight beam for optimal road illumination.$4040 mins
Oil Filter ReplacementLubrication SystemServicingReplacement of the oil filter to ensure clean oil circulation.$720 mins
Reflective Tape ApplicationSafety EquipmentModificationApplication of reflective tape for increased visibility.$2020 mins
Helmet CleaningSafety EquipmentModificationProfessional cleaning and sanitization of helmets.$2530 mins
Safety Training ProgramSafety EquipmentServicingComprehensive safety training to equip riders with knowledge and skills for safe riding.$601 hours
Safety InspectionSafety EquipmentServicingComprehensive safety check to ensure all critical systems are functional.$601 hour
Rider Training ProgramSafety EquipmentServicingTraining program to enhance rider skills and safety on the road.$1202 hours
Accessory InstallationStorage and Carriage SystemsModificationInstallation of various accessories like racks, bags, and GPS units.$601 hour
Suspension LoweringSuspensionModificationLowering of the suspension for improved handling and aesthetics.$1202 hours
Suspension LiftingSuspensionModificationLifting of the suspension for increased clearance and off-road capability.$1202 hours
Shock Absorber ReplacementSuspensionRepairReplacement of shock absorbers to maintain ride quality and handling.$1501.5 hours
Rear Shock RevalvingSuspensionRepairModification of rear shock absorbers for customized damping rates.$401 hours
Fork Seal ReplacementSuspensionRepairReplacement of front fork seals to prevent oil leaks.$1202 hours
Fork RebuildingSuspensionRepairDisassembly, repair, and reassembly of the fork to restore function.$2003 hours
Suspension Tune-upSuspensionServicingAdjustment of front and rear suspension settings based on preference.$701 hour
Fork ServicingSuspensionServicingDisassembly, cleaning, and reassembly of front fork components.$1803 hours
Sustainability EnhancementSustainabilityModificationImplementing solutions to enhance the environmental sustainability of the motorcycle.$1803 hours
Recyclability ImprovementSustainabilityModificationModifications to improve the recyclability of components at the end of their lifecycle.$1501.5 hours
Slipper Clutch InstallationTransmissionModificationInstallation of a slipper clutch to prevent rear wheel lock during aggressive downshifting.$2002 hours
Quick Shifter InstallationTransmissionModificationInstallation of a quick shifter for faster gear changes without clutch use.$3501 hour
Transmission RepairsTransmissionRepairDiagnosis and repair of transmission issues for smooth shifting.$4003 hours
Gearbox RepairTransmissionRepairDiagnosis and repair of the gearbox to address shifting problems.$2503 hours
Transmission Oil ChangeTransmissionServicingChanging of the transmission fluid for smooth gear operation.$1830 mins
Rim PaintingWheels and TiresModificationPainting of rims for a customized or refreshed look.$1202 hours
Mud Flap InstallationWheels and TiresModificationInstallation of mud flaps to protect against mud and debris during off-road riding.$3030 mins
Magnesium Wheel InstallationWheels and TiresModificationReplacement of standard wheels with magnesium wheels for weight reduction and performance.$4002 hours
Sprocket ReplacementWheels and TiresRepairReplacement of worn sprockets to maintain efficient power transmission.$901 hour
Rim RepairWheels and TiresRepairRepair of rims to fix bends or cracks.$1202 hours
Wheel AlignmentWheels and TiresServicingAlignment of front and rear wheels for optimal handling.$601 hour
Tyre SealingWheels and TiresServicingApplication of sealant to tires to prevent leaks and flats.$3030 mins
Tyre ChangeWheels and TiresServicingReplacement of front or rear tire, including balancing.$601 hour
Spoke TighteningWheels and TiresServicingTightening of spokes to ensure wheel integrity and performance.$601 hour